New Employee Information

New Employee Orientation 

Welcome to the Division of Finance and Operations at Texas A&M University. You are not only an employee in our Division, but a partner.

We advance the teaching, research, and outreach mission of Texas A&M University. Members of our division keep our community safe and attractive; provide opportunities for personal and professional development; transport students to and from campus; accounting, contract, and budgeting matters; and enhance and maintain our buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and campus grounds.

As an employee in the Division of Finance and Operations, you will be contributing to the diversity and quality of service the Division provides on a daily basis. We are proud of the work we do and take our responsibilities for supporting the educational mission of Texas A&M University seriously.

Welcome and we look forward to working with you to achieve our Division mission and goals.

Employees new to the TAMU Division of Finance and Operations participate in an orientation and onboarding program. The program consists of four components, hosted by Texas A&M University, the Office of the Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations, and the individual departments.

The four components are:

  1. New Employment Information: Your employing department will orient you to the roles and responsibilities of the department; your department’s commitment to service; important processes and policies; opportunities for learning and involvement; the department’s role within the Division; and assign you a departmental mentor. In addition, newly hired and prospective employees should familiarize themselves with the Division mission, vision, and initiatives.
  2. Attendance at university orientation events: New employees will attend a New Employee Welcome Orientation Session hosted by TAMU Human Resources.
  3. Attendance at Division orientation events: New employees will attend the New Employee Welcome Reception and will be invited to Departmental Open Houses.
    1. New Employee Welcome Receptions are held three times a year (February, June, and October). The reception will include a welcome greeting from Jerry Strawser, Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations; 5-10 minute presentations from the individual departments; and informational tables setup for more in-depth conversations with each department.
    2. Departmental Open Houses will occur monthly and will highlight specific departments within the Division.
  4. Completion of required university training: Texas A&M University requires completion of a comprehensive set of on-line courses. You will be notified by the departmental Human Resources liaison when each required training is due.