Supervisors/Hiring Managers

This page contains resources for hiring supervisors and others responsible for orienting and onboarding employees new to the Division of Finance and Operations.

What is Onboarding

Onboarding is a process designed to fully integrate new employees into an organization, and allow them to move to high levels of productivity and organizational commitment quickly.

Onboarding/Orienting begins before acceptance of the job and lasts through the first year. Onboarding is more than new employee orientation. Onboarding is a process. It is customized based on the role of the new employee. Onboarding is more comprehensive than orientation, including information from a variety of sources to assist the new employee in acquiring the knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective in their role. At the end of onboarding, employees are full participants in the Department’s and Division’s culture.

Orienting New Supervisors and New Managers

New supervisors and managers should attend the onboarding and orientation sessions. Current Departmental supervisors and managers should orient new management on the guiding documents, philosophies, and structures associated with leading the Division. All new exempt employees, those responsible for supervising others, as well as those in significant managerial roles should participate. Department Directors are instrumental in the onboarding process of new management.

Following the suggestions will make for a smooth and effective onboarding process.

  1. Utilize the Departmental Checklist to orient new employees. If multiple people are responsible for onboarding new employees, coordinate who will cover each area of the checklist.
  2. Be sensitive to timing in the onboarding process. Determine what information the new employee needs and when it is best to give the employee information.
  3. Remember, onboarding is a several month process that allows new employees to reach higher levels of productivity and organizational commitment more quickly. Our goal is to help new employees master the organizational culture; network with key individuals and teams; and understand the vision, mission and goals of the Division and the University. Be cognizant that the onboarding process should be customized for each individual employee.
  4. Plan to engage new employees in each of the four components of the Onboarding process.

For Hiring Supervisors

  1. If you rely on others to orient and onboard new employees under your supervision, know who is responsible for onboarding each new employee, and know what areas will be covered. It is up to you to see to it that each new employee receives a comprehensive onboarding experience.
  2. Support new employee participation in onboarding activities. Plan accordingly to allow new employees to attend orientation events.

Tools and Templates for Onboarding Your New Employees

Hiring supervisors, HR Liaisons or others responsible for new employee orientation are encouraged to utilize the tools and templates provided for the onboarding process.

  1. Onboarding Timeline
  2. Hiring supervisors, HR Liaisons or others responsible for new employee onboarding
  3. Completion of Division of Finance and Operations Departmental Checklist
  4. Agreements and Scheduling for New Employee to Attend
    1. New Employee Welcome (facilitated by Division of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness)
    2. Division of Finance and Operations New Employee Welcome Reception
    3. Division of Finance and Operations Departmental Open House
    4. Workshops, conferences, and other professional development training needed
  5. Tour of Facility and Department
  6. Meeting with Department Director
  7. Meeting with Peer Coach
  8. Meeting with Business Manager, IT Manager or Liaison, HR Liaison, etc.
  9. Departmental Orientation Checklist - The checklist should be used by Division of Finance and Operations Departments to orient and onboard new employees. 
  10. Memorandum/E-Mail Template for Announcing the Arrival of a New Employee